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We’re a full-service marketing, branding, sales and consulting agency.  Our primary focus is getting our client’s Return On Investment. We started as a package design company, quickly became a full-service marketing agency and expanded to produce engaging content through The Chamber’s leaders extensive background in reality series and animated features.   

We consult on the business side for brands and those clients leverage our marketing & sales agency resources to deliver results through advertising, creative content, SEO, website optimization, digital traffic solutions, email campaigns, and go-to-market tactics.  It's Creative + Strategy + Execution.  We work as a CMO / CRO for brands, retailers, etc. 

We launch a new product into the market place every 4 to 6 weeks. Arm & Hammer - Slide, Clorox – Bleach Pen, General Mills – Milk N’ Cereal Bars, Yoplait – Go-Gurt, Sega – Genesis,  Orville Redenbacher's – Movie Theater Butter, General Mills – Chocolate Lucky Charms, Jump Start – Kindergarten, Armor All – Glass, etc…

New product development, content creation and package design are just one of our many specialties. We’re able to dramatically increase our brands / celebrity Instagram and Facebook post reach, engagement, new followers and driving traffic to the website for sales. BrandFluencing®,  a proprietary content “testing” technology, allows us to increase our client's monetization through Brand deals and advertisements. We operate the most extensive network of communities and influencer pages on Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook, we’re home to more than 90M, and on Instagram, over 120M.

Moreover, we work with a variety of celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Tommy Chong, Chanel West Coast, Cheech Marin, Jordin Sparks, Kenny Rogers, Alessandra Ambrosio, Tim McGraw, Tyga & Lionel Richie to name a few. We work with a large number of Fortune 500 companies and brands like Arm & Hammer, Clorox, 3M, Kraft, Hormel, etc.  Additionally, we work with a verity of the cannabis brands such as Magical Butter, Genius Pipes, Eureka Vapor, Diamond CBD, Famous Farms, Chong’s Choice, Reset, True Focus, Puri5. The Chambers Group understands how vital it is to maintain the integrity of the celebrity and brand relationship.


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