Connectics™ For The Fortune 500 Brands

Untill now, Connectics™ has only been available to the Fortune 500 and they have made billions using it.



“Before I met Keith Chambers, I launched 30 Million Dollar businesses.
Now I launch 100 Million Dollar businesses.”     -Bryan Harpine, Global New Product Director, Church & Dwight (Arm & Hammer)

Now Connectics for Entrepreneurs in the PULL Forum

Brand building at its very best!.

  • The PULL FORUM: Participants bring their laptop or tablet and log into the “Pull Forum” site. In this 2 hour workshop seen below, Keith guides the participants step-by-step through a series of Connectics™ exercises where they evaluate their current Selling Proposition (sales message) and develop new and far more powerful purchase triggers for their business. This is the same Connectics™ process Keith uses with the Fortune 500.
  • The DELIVERABLE: After the session, the participants are able to download a 26 page “Custom Branding Analysis” that guides them through a final evaluation of all that they created during the session.
  • Participants tell us the post session analysis always generates additional insights leading to changes and in turn to increased business.


“After completing the Pull Forum, I implemented the changes Keith helped me create and my business literally took off. Now I am attracting the high-end
clientele I wanted and my earnings this past year have more than doubled.”
   -Nathaniel Pitchon-Getzels, Getzels Homes


“In order to stay ahead of my competition as a Creative Marketing Consultant to many of the world’s most famous brands, I have reinvented the traditional marketing process. For this reason, my marketing solutions have all scored over client goals in volumetric research for over nine consecutive years. I share this extraordinary process and the new marketing insights it has produced, in the Pull Forum. I’ve “cracked the code” on breakthrough marketing and I’m excited to share it with you.”