Two New Products : Launched March 2012

Arm & Hammer® Unit Dose Laundry Detergent


Thought we would share our most recent launch under the Arm & Hammer® brand. Crystal Burst and Toss ‘N Done are currently establishing a new segment (single dose pods) in the highly competitive laundry detergent category. Crystal Burst targets sophisticated performance users, and Toss ‘N Done targets unsophisticated basic users like myself. Initial intent-to-buy scores were extraordinary in research and as a result, both products were launched exactly as we recommended.

During this development, we used target consumers to validate our concepts. That process, Progressive Connectics™ Positioning, is essentially building a selling proposition, element-by-element on the face of the package, in real time with target consumers. The results have proven to be remarkable. The process has now matured to the point where it literally always produces extraordinary results.

TO DATE: Both Crystal Burst and Toss N’ Done sales are approximately two and one-half times what they were projected to do. This work was accomplished under the direction of Michael Muntean, Global Director New Products at Church & Dwight, Co., Inc.