New Product / Positioning: Launched January 2011 • Gross Sales to Date : $130 million

Arm & Hammer® Cat Litter

catlitterYou may not have a cat, but we want to share a new product launch where we used positioning Connectics™ to develop the selling proposition for cat litter. This is one of the purest examples of our work to date. What you see here is exactly what we recommended to the brand directly out of Connectics™.

This project was accomplished under the direction of Bryan Harpine, Director of New Products at Church & Dwight. Bryan was shooting for an eventual business of $25 million, with a forecast of $17 million for the first year. According to Bryan, Double Duty is now on track to do $105 million annually. This kind of performance is not unusual for the Connectics™ process.
armandhammer2TO DATE: Both Crystal Burst and Toss N’ Done sales are approximately two and one-half times what they were projected to do. This work was accomplished under the direction of Michael Muntean, Global Director New Products at Church & Dwight, Co., Inc.