New Product Positioning

Trojan® Vibrators


The situation here is that Trojan, or any other brand, for that matter, had not been able to get vibrators authorized by major drug retailers.Our assignment was to develop a Selling Proposition that will not intimidate the consumer, and in addition will also be efficacious enough that it will be authorized for sale in mainstream drug stores such as Walgreens and CVS. This means no windows on the packaging, no bold names or statements of any kind and no wild colors or graphics. This project was considered so sensitive that the client, Church & Dwight, had several agencies working on it although our process was the center of the effort.

armandhammer2Right from the start, we did not consider showing the product on the front of the package. The image developed is one of class and legitimacy. We used the Trojan brand logotype but did not use its helmet logo. Each vibrator was given its own unique name to reinforce different functions. The goal here was to encourage multiple purchases through differentiating the three products. Even though the remaining copy is understated, the architecture is so simple that the copy gets read. While the back panels on most consumer products are unused, here they are an integral part of the Selling Proposition and are likely to be viewed by the unusually curious consumer.

Recently, Walgreens and CVS have begun to authorize all three, and thanks to them, the men and women of America no longer have to go to an adult book store to purchase a vibrator.


More recently, ignorance reared its ugly head on the streets of New York. On a Monday, not long ago, the kind folks at Trojan began giving vibrators away as a promotion and were met with the NYPD who, operating at the behest of Mayor Bloomberg, banned the action of doing so. What was he thinking, you might ask? On Tuesday, the social media took the issue in hand and blistered the mayor and the city government with unanimity. On Wednesday, apparently after realizing that we are all capable of deciding for ourselves, Mayor Bloomberg reversed his “knee jerk” decision.

The final concept you see was subjected to our Connectics™ process, where twenty-four target consumers assembled the perfect Selling Proposition, step-by-step, in real time, on the face of all three packages.


Today, the streets of Manhattan are full of happy New Yorkers who are choosing to avail themselves of a free vibrator or not, without intrusion from government officials.

I love this business.