Claritin® RediTabs


The Claritin® Brand is the leader in OTC Allergy Relief Medicine. The majority of volume is from the traditional daily tablets swallowed with water. The Brand believed there was significant growth potential for their RediTabs variant, which dissolves in your mouth without water. They had not been able to determine a Positioning Strategy which scored well in concept testing and met FDA labeling requirements.


  • Create the optimum REMARKABLE positioning scenario for consumers that would score well in concept testing AND meet FDA labeling requirements.
  • Positioning should target everyday use within the entire adult allergy relief category and not just within the much smaller ODT (Orally Disintegrating Tablet) segment.
  • Maintain certain specific communication elements mandated by the Brand.


  • TCG conducted one 2.5 hour Positioning Connectics™ Session with 20 target consumers.
  • We explored a range of more than 300 alternative communication Positioning Elements including: Sub-Brand Names, Benefits, Performance Attributes, Physical Attributes, Negative Attributes,  Delivery System, Package Configuration, Key Package Graphics (outer and inner package),  Generic Descriptors, Tag-Lines and Reason To Believe.


  • TCG identified and created the Re-Positioned Product, which included our Findings and Recommendations fully executed on the package, ready for Concept Testing.
  • The new Positioning met or exceeded testing criteria and FDA requirements. It has recently been introduced into the market.