Category Profiling


Simply Saline


• Church & Dwight acquired Simply Saline for its Personal Care SKU.
• The brand team wanted to optimize the Selling Proposition prior to investing in advertising support.
• The brand team requested we improve the A&H brand presence.
• The brand team requested we deconstruct their competition (Afrin, Ocean, Ayr and Walgreens private label) and identify Remarkable Triggers.
• The brand requested we improve the layout tracking.
• The brand requested we optimize the performance and placement of the Benefit, Physical Attributes and Performance Attributes.



  • Gold Mining was lead by Keith Chambers at Church & Dwight headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey.
    The Chambers creative team was on the phone in Los Angeles.
  • It was decided to run one three-hour Connectics™ session with 24 target consumers.
  • The brand team provided guidance relative to the competition and the key category characteristics.
  • The brand team was lead through a series of exercises that generated stimulus for each of the positioning elements to be explored.
    This information is used to ground the Chambers team on the details of the assignment.


  • Keith presented the interim document for review by the brand team.
  • Positioning Connectics™ exercises fall into two distinct categories:
    1) Stimulus options for the elements being explored (Brand, Sub-Brand Generic Descriptor, Benefit, Attributes, etc.) and
    2) Optimization exercises which are designed to indicate how to use the winning elements in each of the element exercises.
  • The interim document details all of the stimulus developed for each of the positioning elements.
    All stimulus was inspired by the platforms identified in the Gold Mining session, and represents a creative range within which the target consumer participants can find the most powerful communication.
  • All of the optimization exercises to be used were identified.
  • The document was reviewed thoroughly and left with the brand team for additional input.



The session covered the following:
• Identifying the #1 category benefit.
• Measuring competition element-by-element.
• Measuring shelf impact.
• Measuring gender relative to perceived performance.
• Measuring the tracking through the selling proposition.
• Measuring the speed through the communication elements.
• Measuring the element hierarchy (most important).
• Measuring the element hierarchy (emotional charge).
• Identifying the purchase decision threshold.
• Maximizing variant differentiation.


• The layout was altered to decrease the time it takes consumers to reach the purchase decision point.
• The layout was altered to increase the prominence of the Benefit/Performance Attribute trigger.
• The layout was altered to increase the presence of the Arm & Hammer brand.
• The Key Graphic icon was altered to suit target preference.
• The recommendation has been adapted to all 20+ Simply Saline sku’s.
• This project was accomplished under the direction of Kendra McCarty, Sr. Manager MRD.