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We’re a full-service marketing, branding, content creation, and consulting agency. Our primary focus is getting our client’s Return On Investment. We started as a package design company, quickly became a full-service marketing agency, and expanded to produce engaging content and social growth across all social platforms. We work and consult on the business side for brands. Those clients leverage our marketing agency resources to deliver results through branding, creative content, SEO, website optimization, digital traffic solutions, PR, email campaigns, and go-to-market tactics. We push strategy + creative + execution that equals powerful client results. We work as a CMO / CRO for brands, retailers, etc. New product development, content creation, and package design are just some of our many specialties.

We dramatically increase our brands/celebrities’ Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc., post reach, engagement, new followers, and driving traffic to the website for sales. We operate the most extensive network of celebrity and influencer pages across all social media platforms. We are totaling more than 1.9 Billion followers. We launch a new product into the marketplace about every seven weeks. You may be familiar with some of our work: Arm & Hammer – Slide, Clorox – Bleach Pen, General Mills – Milk N’ Cereal Bars, Yoplait – Go-Gurt, Sega – Genesis, Orville Redenbacher’s – Movie Theater Butter, General Mills – Chocolate Lucky Charms, Jump Start – Kindergarten, Armor All – Glass, etc. Eric and Branden Chambers have an extensive background in producing and directing reality series and animated features. Most notably, they produced and directed The Ultimate Gamer, a reality series for the Spike TV Network, and also produced and directed the Cheech & Chong Animated Movie for 20th Century Fox.

Brands & Companies We Work With

Brands and Companies We Work With

Brands & Companies We Work With

Brands and Companies We Work With

Brands & Companies We Work With

Brands and Companies We Work With


Everything you need.

Social Media Growth & Engagement

We are able to grow your followers and increase engagement on any social media platform by using our property technology.

Content Creation

The purpose of great marketing content is to attract, educate, and convert viewers to buyers. Creating high quality content also becomes part of your overall business branding, and is a way of convincing them of the promise and value in dealing with your company. Building a library of content assets will help deliver returns for your business over a number of years.

Video Monetization

Facebook is now allowing video monetization. They are adding ads to videos similar to YouTube that are three minutes or longer. We have been curating and licensing videos and using them to help our celebrity/influencer clients monetize.


We have our own internal SEO process we follow that consistently leads to the success of our client’s websites. There is no magic to SEO, except for the due diligence and checklist process of researching your site’s issues, finding solutions, implementing the fixes, and reviewing reports to track the performance increases or decreases. It’s a rinse and repeat process with SEO, and we’ve come to know it very well in the 15 years that we have been working on websites.

Pronto Social Media Services

Making Digital & Social Marketing Easy & Affordable for Small Businesses. Pronto is an a la carte service that allows small business owners to pick and choose the digital/social marketing packages they need without the big price tags.

Influencer Marketing

Create brand awareness, loyalty and sales by partnering with the right influencers. Using proprietary tools, Chambers will source well-aligned influencers with highly engaged followers to tap into the perfect audience for your brand.

Product Development & Positioning

We specialize in creating brands, rebranding and launching new brands. Our branding specialists create branding plans for your company, but most importantly, our specialists execute and manage branding strategies. Our company is experienced in multiple facets of branding. From brand design to development, positioning & strategy to product development, our company has the expertise required to assist your company as it realizes its market potential.

Email Marketing

It’s the most proven, cost-effective way to get relevant, targeted information in front of your customers. We believe that email marketing should focus on your entire sales funnel and provide your customers with a highly personalized experience.

Package Design

We're a group of experienced marketers united by an obsession for creating category disrupting brand experiences through products and packaging. Purposefully selective, we work with brands that want to stand out and also stand for something.

Discover the Benefits of Our Influencer Marketing Services for Your Brand

At our agency, we provide exceptional influencer marketing services that are customized to align with your business objectives and financial plan. We specialize in bringing your brand narrative to life through influential campaigns. Our social influencer arm of the agency offers comprehensive support to ensure the success of your campaigns.

Targeted Influencer Selection

Our Influencer Sourcing service involves sourcing and selecting the most suitable influencers in your niche who align with your content style and budget requirements.

  • identifying and evaluating potential influencer profiles
  • conducting outreach efforts
  • managing conversations with influencers
  • presenting you with a final list of ideal candidates

Efficient Influencer Negotiation Services

Our Contracting service entails collaborating with influencers to establish mutually beneficial contracts that meet your specific needs.

  • We will assess influencer rates
  • determine the overall campaign budget
  • negotiate with influencers on your behalf
  • finalize contract terms that are agreeable to all parties involved.

Creative Influencer Content Solutions

Our Content Production service is designed to help you develop captivating influencer content that resonates with your intended audience.

  • Our offerings include professional photography services
  • high-quality video production
  • expert editing services
  • post-production support to ensure that your content is nothing short of exceptional

Expert Campaign Strategy & Execution

Our Campaign Strategy & Execution service involves devising a customized plan that aligns with your campaign goals and implementing it with precision.

  • This includes identifying and evaluating suitable influencer profiles
  • conducting outreach efforts
  • managing conversations with influencers
  • presenting you with a final list of ideal candidates

Strategic Campaign Management

Our Influencer Campaign Management service encompasses designing a tailored influencer marketing strategy and executing campaigns that enhance your online visibility.

  • conducting market research
  • gaining insights into audience preferences
  • determining the most suitable social media channels
  • finalizing campaign actions

In-Depth Influencer Marketing Metrics

Our Reporting & Analytics service entails monitoring the performance of your campaigns and evaluating the effectiveness of each influencer collaboration.

  • We measure click-throughs and engagement
  • assess the conversion rate
  • generate detailed performance reports
  • provide suggestions for improvement



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