The Chambers Group

The Chambers Group is one of the nation’s leading creative marketing consultancies for America’s Fortune 100 brands. Over the course of the last thirty years, its principals, Keith, Branden and Eric have lead marketing strategy and executional tactics for more than 160 goods and service providers, including some of America’s biggest household names like Arm & Hammer®, Hormel®, Coppertone®, Claritin®, Trojan®, 3M®, McCormick®, Clorox®, General Mills®, Dole®, Frito Lay® and many, many more.

Much of the success of The Chambers Group can be attributed to their proprietary Connectics™ technology. Connectics™ leads target consumers through an absolutely unique series of actions that results in a powerful and compelling Selling Proposition. The intense Connectics™ process leaves clients a crystal clear picture of not only what consumers want, but more important a sales message that communicates, “I have what you want.” Their long list of Fortune 100 clients rely on the Connectics™ process and The Chambers Group for launching their most important products.

The Chambers Group began as a product positioning and design firm, but quickly developed into a multi-disciplinary research and creative marketing consultancy. This status was solidified in 1998, when the group tackled the full marketing platform (including design, positioning, and naming) for the iconic Sega Genesis. With the help of The Chambers Group, Sega Genesis was quickly exceeding $700M in annual sales.

As products and consumers have evolved with new online behavior, so too has The Chambers Group. Leveraging decades of experience in traditional product positioning, and the proprietary Connectics™ process, the group has seamlessly transitioned its skills into the digital realm, providing its clients unprecedented insight into consumer behavior and desires on digital platforms. In the last year alone, the group has developed and marketed TV shows, feature films, websites, and social media in addition to its long list of traditional products.

Most recently, The Chambers Group has applied its revolutionary Connectics™ process to social media, utilizing a deep understanding of consumer behavior to deliver extraordinary results across a range of social media platforms. Recognizing the value of quality followers and shares, rather than just a quantity of clicks, they are transforming their clients’ online presence in record time by treating their social media like a conversation, rather than just an advertisement.

The Chambers Group is, at its core, a family business. Keith, and his two sons, Eric and Branden, bring not only innovation, but a fierce sense of family loyalty to their clients, ensuring that they are able to survive the constantly changing battlefield of the marketplace. When they aren’t in the office, you can find Keith, Branden, and Eric playing beach volleyball or riding waves in Pacific Palisades with their family and friends.