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Digital Journal

The Chambers Group’s Secret Social Media Sauce – Transforming Brands & Personalities into Icons

The Chambers brothers, Eric Chambers, and Branden Chambers, are the brains behind The Chambers Group’s success.

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International Business Times

The Chambers Group Is Flying High With The New Social Media Algorithms & AI

Social media may have never looked more chaotic with whistleblowers lifting the lid on how things really work on Instagram, Facebook/Meta, TikTok, Discord and other platforms, but the underlying truth is that the social media space continues to grow rapidly – and thousands of algorithms and AI on Facebook/Meta, Instagram and other platforms are also increasing exponentially.

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LA Weekly

Top 10 Innovators Revolutionizing Their Industry

The Chambers Group is a digital marketing firm representing a treasure trove of top brands, influencers, and celebrities. They have grown three-fold in the past 18 months despite the impact of Covid-19. The Chambers Group operates the most extensive network of celebrity influencer pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, with more than one billion followers.

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