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Over the past twenty-two years we have worked with hundreds of business owners and managers. In that time we have learned that the shortest path to success is through the Selling Proposition. The product with the most compelling sales message always seems to win. We, in turn, set out to understand how to develop a Selling Proposition that triggers target consumers to purchase and…I cracked the code.

Triggers are words, graphics or structures that cause target consumers to make the purchase decisions. We learned how to create them, validate them, and inject them into the sales message in a manner that significantly empowers the Selling Proposition. We have been using this process for over nine years now and have perfected it to the point where it always scores over client hurdles for success when subjected to volumetric research…always!

Positioning Connectics™ has been developed and perfected for two uniquely different applications, Progressive Connectics™ and Category Connectics™.

I. Progressive Connectics™

FUTURE BASED: Positioning Connectics™ deconstructs the current Selling Proposition into its basic positioning elements (Brand, Sub-Brand, Generic Descriptor, Benefit, Physical Attributes, Performance Attributes, Negative Attributes, Key Graphics, and Tag Lines. Having done so, The Chambers team develops a list of new options for each of the elements, all of which have the possibility of triggering a new positive response from target consumers.

THE SESSION: During a three-hour session, 24 target consumers assemble a new Selling Proposition, element-by-element, in real time on the front of the package.

THE DELIVERABLE: A complete report of findings generated by all of the Connectics™ exercises. A new package is presented representing a Selling Proposition that consumers perceive as a breakthrough in the category separating itself from all the competition.

II. Category Connectics™

PAST BASED: Profiling Connectics™ reads the consumers’ perception of our products as well as our competition as they are encountered at the shelf. The work is done on a product-by-product level and additionally on an element-by-element level. The result is the creation of a hybrid Selling Proposition that represents the strongest possible sales message for the category using existing communication elements.

THE SESSION: During a two-hour session, 24 target consumers are exposed to the category stimulus and their reactions reveal when they are triggered positively and negatively.

THE DELIVERABLE: A complete report of the findings generated by all of the Connectics™ exercises and a revised/redesigned principal display panel for our products. This new execution will literally represent the most powerful Selling Proposition based on the information in the current category.

The Connectics™ Process is proprietary and closely held by The Chambers Group. Intentionally, it is not fully disclosed here.
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