The Keys To The Vault

Over the past twenty-two years we have worked with hundreds of corporate marketers building their business through developing new products and services. In that time we have developed many new products in Product Development Connectics™ working with target consumers in a very special way.

First off, there are three fundamental assumptions that prevail.

I. Consumers are incapable of creating “what’s next” no matter what the category. They are rooted in the present and have no access to the future.II. The Chambers Group is a creative organization and therefore has taken full responsibility for creating “what’s next”.

III. Target consumers are capable of pointing in directions and The Chambers Group has developed a method for reading that direction and creating out in front of consumers.

A Product Development project consists of two Connectics™ sessions. The first session is four hours with 20 target consumers. The first is a process of extraction and the second is a process of development and validation.

The Connectics™ process is proprietary and closely held by The Chambers Group. Intentionally, it is not fully disclosed here. For a thorough demonstration, click on the “Contact Us” button below.