Branding & Positioning

Jump Start® Kindergarten


jumpstartSITUATION (1994)

The children’s educational software category was in its infancy with the Reader Rabbit brand as the dominant category leader. Parents were responding to the proposition that the rabbit would encourage their child to learn by making it fun. Knowledge Adventure had established themselves as a credible brand within the category around adventure-based education. They wanted to enter the curriculum based segment with a kindergarten product to compete with Reader Rabbit.


Create a positioning and branding scenario for a new line of curriculum based educational software.
Working with parents (both moms and dads), The Chambers Group developed a positioning scenario
that would effectively eclipse the Reader Rabbit selling proposition.

The Jump Start Kindergarten series was launched with immediate acceptance and success. Today the full line of curriculum based software dominates theBoard Meeting Chambers Group category. The Reader Rabbit brand remains in the market equating to approximately 8% of the current Jump Start volume.

armandhammer2The following Remarkable Triggers were identified allowing these new Knowledge Adventure products to be positioned in a preceptive way, a scenario that has dominated for the past twelve years:
– Benefit “Jump Start”
– Key Attribute “Complete Kindergarten Readiness Program”
– Key Graphic Ruler